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Irhāb (Terrorism) & Plunder

The Khārijites Make Lawful Stealing the Wealth and Property of Muslims and Engage in Banditry and Thievery
When the Khārijite terrorists assassinated the third caliph ʿUthman (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhu) one of them called out “It is not so that his blood his lawful whilst his wealth is unlawful. So take everything.” ... Read more »


Takfīr (Excommunication)
Ḥākimiyyah (Lawgiving)
Khurūj (Revolution)
Walaʾ & Barāʾ (Loyalty and Disownment)
Jihād (War)
Imāmah & Khilāfah (Leadership & State)
Irhāb (Terrorism) & Plunder

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