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Historian Ibn Kathīr on the Khārijites Revolting Against Muʿāwiyah After Al-Ḥasan Bin ʿAlī Relinquished Power
The Khārijites took the opportunity of al-Ḥasan bin ʿAlī’s relinquishing of power to attack Muʿāwiyah in Kūfah. Around 500 of them came to the city to make ‘jihād’ against Muʿāwiyah. ... Read more »
Historian Ibn Kathīr on the Khārijites Pardoned by ʿAlī Who Rejoiced at His Assassination and Mobilized Themselves Against Muslims
Ibn Kathīr mentions how the Khārijites were pleased at hearing the death of ʿAlī, the Prophet’s cousin and fourth caliph, and mobilised themselves to attack the Muslims once more under the guise of ‘enjoining the good and prohibiting the evil’. ... Read more »


Takfīr (Excommunication)
Ḥākimiyyah (Lawgiving)
Khurūj (Revolution)
Walaʾ & Barāʾ (Loyalty and Disownment)
Jihād (War)
Imāmah & Khilāfah (Leadership & State)
Irhāb (Terrorism) & Plunder

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