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The Khārijites Make Lawful Stealing the Wealth and Property of Muslims and Engage in Banditry and Thievery

Posted by Abu Iyaad on Saturday, October 15, 2016 and filed under Irhāb (Terrorism) & Plunder

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The very first Khārijites – from those who revolted against ʿUthmān and assassinated him – were motivated by worldly considerations and for that reason, when they eventually broke into his home and stabbed him to death, they looted his entire house and then proceeded to raid the state treasury. Imām al-Ṭabarī relates in his Tārīkh that when the Khārijite terrorists assassinated the third caliph ʿUthman (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhu):

One of them called out “It is not so that his blood his lawful whilst his wealth is unlawful. So take everything.” Then they all rushed towards the bayt al-māl (treasury). Two men threw down the keys and then they discussed secretly, saying, “It is now time to flee (with the wealth), this is what the people sought.”

Refer to: al-Ṭabarī's Tārikh (4/393) and Ibn Kathīr in al-Bidāyah (10/307).

Note: The Salafī Imām Ḥarb bin Ismāʿīl al-Kirmānī (180H) said of the Khārijites in his creed, “And they are thieves, highway-robbers, we have known them with [such practice]...” This is what we observe from the Khārijites of today such as Abū Muḥammad al-Maqdisī, they are known for banditry and thievery from Muslims and non-Muslim expat workers, making lawful what the Islāmic Sharīʿah made unlawful, since they perform these activities not out of mere desire but because they actually believe and claim these actions are lawful. It is for this reason among others that many scholars consider them to be apostates and disbelievers, because attributing a lie to Allāh (making lawful what is unlawful) and falsely ascribing something to His law knowingly is an nullifer of Islām. Whilst in Kuwait and Jordan, Abū Muḥammad al-Maqdisī would steal from Muslim police officers and from foreign non-Muslim expat workers, justifying it through his Khārijite doctrine.

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