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Abū al-Ḥusayn al-Malṭiyy al-Shāfiʿīyy (377H) on Khārijite Movements

Posted by Abu Iyaad on Wednesday, October 05, 2016 and filed under Scholars

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Abū al-Ḥusayn Muḥammad bin Aḥmad bin ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Malṭiyy al-Shāfiʿīyy wrote in his work, “al-Tanbīh wal-Radd”, under the section pertaining to the Khārijites:

As for the first sect of the Khārijites, they are the Muḥakkimah, those who would depart with their swords to the markets, gather the people together whilst they were heedless [of who they were] and starting calling out, ‘Judgement belongs to none but Allāh’.

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