The Khārijites’ Misunderstanding and Misapplication of the Verses Pertaining to Judging with Allāh’s Law
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Wednesday, October, 12 2016 and filed under Takfīr (Excommunication)

The central, unifying, core ideological concept that brings together all the Khārijites without exception including the leaders and ideologues of al-Qaeda and ISIS is that of taḥkīm and ḥākimiyyah. It is a mistake to think that only the one who expels Muslims from Islām on account of major sins (takfīr bil-kabāʾir) is a Khārijite, since not all Khārijite sects made takfīr on account of major sin as is documented in the works of heresiography. We present here a series of statements from scholarly authorities on their misunderstanding and misapplication of the verses pertaining to judging by what Allāh revealed, as this is the central core of their religion.

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