Khārijite Abū Muḥammad Al-Maqdisī: Absolution in Takfīr on the Issue of Obedience to Scholars and Rulers
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Thursday, October, 06 2016 and filed under Takfīr (Excommunication)

Al-Maqdisī was reared and suckled through the doctrinal nipples of the Khārijites and he never actually sat, studied and took genuine knowledge from the Shaykhs of the daʿwah of Tawḥīd – those in Saudi Arabia – for if he had, he would not be making the absolutions of the Khārijite renegades. He propounds the absolutions of the Khārijites, then cleverly clothes them with broad, generalised statements from the Shaykhs of the daʿwah of Tawḥīd which are clarified by them in detail elsewhere – which he omits and thereafter, when his ideology leads to bloodshed, turmoil, chaos and destruction, like the despicable Qaʿdī coward that he is, he throws his filth onto the Shaykhs of the daʿwah, claiming he does nothing but cite from them. A fraudster of grand proportions. This Khārijite renegade included a chapter in his book, “Kashf al-Niqāb” titled, “Al-Ṭāʿah Fil-Tashrīʿ Min Aqsām al-ʿIbādah” [Obedience in Legislation is from the Types of Worship] and within it he presents what was stated by Sayyid Quṭb prior to him, that subjects who obey the ruler in what is sin and disobedience and who obey the scholars in taḥlīl and taḥrīm are mushriks, disbelievers, absolutely.

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