The Mufassir, Al-Qurtubi, on Revolting Against Oppressive Rulers
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Tuesday, May, 14 2019 and filed under Khurūj (Revolution)

But that which the majority of the scholars are upon is that patience upon obedience to the tyrant ruler is more befitting than rebelling against him. Because in contending with him and rebelling against him is replacement of safety (security) with fear, and shedding of blood, letting loose the hands of the foolish people (to wreak havoc), enabling Muslims to be attacked and corruption upon the earth. The first view (where rebellion is justified on grounds of oppression and the use of the verse in al-Baqarah) is the view of the Muʿtazilah, and it is the doctrine of the Khārijites, so know it well.

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